About MediPeds®

The MediPeds® brand focuses on promoting healthy legs and feet. MediPeds® socks and hosiery are engineered to address leg fatigue, swelling, blisters, and dry skin – symptoms caused by diabetes as well as other conditions. They are constructed in the highest quality standards, utilizing technically advanced yarns, and comfort features. MediPeds® is the leader in the health and wellness market, offering styles for both men and women ranging from athletic to casual and dress. Style, comfort, and quality are the pillars of the MediPeds® brand.

As a National Sponsor of the American Diabetes Association, MediPeds® is committed to helping people living with diabetes. We actively participate in multiple events throughout the year including fundraising, distribution of educational materials, and other community events to support the Stop Diabetes® Movement.

MediPeds® is a National Sponsor of the ADA

As a resource for foot care products suitable for people with diabetes, Peds® Legwear, makers of MediPeds® has joined the movement to Stop Diabetes®! MediPeds® offerings include socks for symptoms of diabetes and educational materials on diabetic foot care. In support of those affected by diabetes, MediPeds® is working with the Association to communicate the importance of proper foot care in the management of diabetes. As a supporter of the Association's "Double Up Challenge" direct mail fundraising campaign, the company helps encourage consumers to make a donation to the Association to fund research programs and education and will match donations up to $50,000.

The MediPeds® brand also supports the diabetes community through its presence at Diabetes EXPO and encourages consumer participation in local events.

- American Diabetes Association